Architekt - Peter A. Serfözö

Energy consulting

> Training

> Performing calculations according to the various ENERGY CONSERVATION LAWS and ENEV calculation for many years

> Training as "ENERGY CONSULTANT Bavarian Chamber of Architects"

> Scope of work

> Energy Consulting completely

> Inventory of the energy state

> Advice on funding by:

1. KFW (The Reconstruction Loan Corporation)

Energy-efficient construction (KFW)

Energy-efficiency standard "KfW 55" (EnEV2007)

Energy-efficiency standard "KfW 70" (EnEV2007)

Energy efficient renovation (KFW)
Continuation of the CO2 - building renovation program of the Federal under a new name

Housing Modernisation

(program number 141 or 143)

2. BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control)

Renewable energies

Current information:

02.03.2009 - market incentive programme: New funding guidelines entered into force on 01.03.2009.

> ENEV - calculations

> Thermography

> Blower door test

> Advice on the use of renewable energies such as:

  • solar thermal energy (solar panels)
  • geothermal energy (eothermal probes, surface collectors)
  • heat pumps
  • photovoltaic
  • use of rainwater
  • pellet heating
  • passive solar energy